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Airport Development Fee

A Development Fee of €10 is charged to all departing passengers from Ireland West Airport Knock aged 12 years and over. This is a service charge which the Airport charges for the use of its facilities and as a contribution toward infrastructure developments, including passenger and airline services, ongoing maintenance and operation of this airport. The services include terminal facilities, safety and security, airline services such as air traffic control, navigational aids, runway systems, aircraft parking, and fire services.

All airports charge for their services. Most collect fees through the airlines which you see included as taxes, fees and charges at the time of booking and paying for your airline ticket. Our Development Fee forms part of our overall service charges, and we choose to charge this fee in an open and transparent manner. All airlines, tour operators and travel agents have been notified of our service charge and have been requested to make passengers aware of it before booking travel out of our Airport. We have advised them to publish it on all their relevant communications including their websites, with the option of linking to our website for the explanations in full

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Further information and feedback

If you were unaware of our service charge at the time of booking, you should discuss this with the airline or travel provider you booked your ticket with. Otherwise, you can provide feedback to the Airport marketing department in writing (subject heading ‘Development Fee’) at Ireland West Airport Knock, Charlestown, Co Mayo, by emailing or by clicking here.

For details of the Airport’s Fees and Charges, click here.