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Car Parking

Ireland West Airport Knock offers over 1,500 accessible car parking spaces for short-term and long-term parking at excellent rates.  Please note the car park closes one hour after our last scheduled flight arrival.

Book Airport Parking Online

Pre-book your airport parking online and you can save up to 30% on standard car park rates. The best rates for airport parking are only available when you book online on Please note: Online bookings can NOT be made within 12 hours of your arrival time at the entry gate.


When booking airport parking online, the credit/debit card used at time of booking will be used as an identifier when arriving at the car park. When you enter and exit the Car Park, it is imperative that you follow the instructions you have been issued with in your booking confirmation. Please be aware that you must ensure you insert the same credit card at the machines at the entrance to the car park and exit from the car park that you used to prebook your parking online. If a different card to enter the car park than that taken on the prebooking is used then you will be charged normal gate tariff at the airport.

For queries relating to online car park bookings please email

Standard Airport Parking

To avoid queuing for car park paystations in the airport terminal you can now pay for car parking at the airport barrier by using your credit card on entry to the car park.  To pay by credit card follow the below simple instructions.

  • Insert your Credit/Debit card at the machine at the Entry barrier and the same card in the machine at the Exit barrier when leaving. Your card will be charged automatically at the published rates for the duration of your stay.  Please note you must use the same card at both Entry and Exit barriers.


Ireland West Airport Standard Gate Car Park Rates
Set down (15 mins): Free 15 days €79.00
Under 1 hour: €2.00 16 days €88.00
Under 2 hours: €4.00 17 days - 1 month €90.00
Under 3 hours: €6.00 1 Month & 1 day €99.00
Under 4 hours: €7.00 1 Month & 2 days €108.00
Daily charge: €9.00 * 1 Month & 3-7 days €117.00
2 days: €18.00 1 Month & 8 days €126.00
3 days €27.00 1 Month & 9 days €135.00
4 -7 days €35.00 1 Month & 10-13 days €140.00
8 days €44.00 2 months €160.00
9 days €53.00 6 months €350.00
10 days €62.00 1 year €550.00
11 - 14 days €70.00    

Cheap car parking at Ireland West Airport Knock

* Rates are calculated on a 24 hour day basis. 1 day = 24 hours.

** Rates are calculated on a 24 hour day basis. 1 week = 24 hours x 7 days.

Remember to keep your car park ticket with you and pay the parking fees at the automatic pay stations located in the terminal building before returning to your car. Credit card payments are accepted at the pay stations. Charges cannot be paid at the exit barriers. Parking conditions apply. Lost tickets will incur a €50 Fee. However in the instance of lost tickets, where you can provide evidence of your stay, normal car parking rates will apply.

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