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History of Ireland West Airport Knock

History The establishment of Ireland West Airport Knock was the brain child of Monsignor James Horan in the 1980’s,at a time of widespread economic stagnation and mass emigration from the West of Ireland. Monsignor James Horan, Parish Priest of Knock, and a group of key supporters had the extraordinary vision to build an international Airport which to many seemed unrealistic and unattainable.

The project was the subject of much public debate and media attention. The building of the Airport is a remarkable story of one man’s and a region’s pursuit of a dream and the steadfast determination to keep going until the project was achieved. Ireland West Airport Knock is the people’s Airport as it is a monument to a community’s determination to turn its fortune in time of economic hardship. It has been the subject of much media attention and a number of books have been written on its history.



In 2006, the Airport was rebranded from "Knock International Airport" to "Ireland West Airport Knock" an indication of the airport’s drive and strategy to become recognised as an international airport on a global scale and to act as a signifier to the location of the airport as the main airport in the West of Ireland – a factor which has been important in attracting the interest of UK, European and US flights.

Today, Ireland West Airport Knock’s development and growth is ongoing and it remains a vital piece of infrastructure for the social and economical benefit of those living, working and holidaying in the West and North West of Ireland.