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Ireland’s Heritage

Known as the Land of Saints and Scholars, Ireland’s past has many turbulent tales to reveal. Getting to know Ireland means getting to know its history, and for every landmark you visit there’s a tale to tell.

In the West, visit the remains of a 5,000 year old civilisation, spectacular stone fort, ancient castles, wildlife parks and a Cistercian monastery. All framed by the wild Atlantic Ocean, the West reflects the valuable legacy of our ancestors throughout the region.

In the Northwest, see ancient megalithic tombs, a "modern” 15th century high altar in Sligo, Persian rugs, French tapestries, Japanese, Islamic and Italian art, a Scottish-style castle and be reminded of an Irish industry and way of life that has long since disappeared.

Trees and woodlands are the common thread in the Midlands, from the Iron Age oak road to some of the regions beautiful gardens. Compare an early Christian ecclesiastical site with a later Cistercian Abbey and come full circle to view the restoration of a castle using native Irish oak.

The best way to understand Ireland’s rich cultural, political, geographical and social history is through one of the country’s many outstanding heritage centres. Ireland has a fascinating heritage just waiting to be discovered.

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Official Genealogy records of County Mayo, Ireland

To trace your Irish roots and find information about your ancestors.  Visit the Official Genealogy records of County Mayo, Ireland.  We hope you can use this search facility to locate your family ancestors. The records cover the years 1850 (approx.) to 1900.  They now have Birth / Baptism records, Death and Marriage records available.