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Baggage Restrictions and Tips for Packing

baggage restrictions

Your safety and security is our number one priority. Whenever you travel by aircraft you will need to pass through a number of strict security checks. Both your carry-on luggage and check-in baggage will be checked, either by hand and/or by means of detection equipment. This is to ensure that you are not carrying any potentially dangerous substances or items that could pose a risk to passengers, aircraft crew or to the security and safety of the aircraft.

Passengers are advised to carry just ONE piece of hand luggage (note: the 1 litre re-sealable bag must be able to fit within your hand luggage, although you will be required to present it separately at security – click here for EU Regulations on Liquids. Other bags, such as handbags, may be carried within the single item of cabin baggage.

Please note: Baggage Restrictions policies vary from airline to airline. Please contact your airline before travelling for further details.

You can help us reduce the time at security control by ensuring that you do not pack prohibited items in your carry-on luggage or checked-in baggage. Sharp objects should be removed from carry-on luggage and placed in checked-in luggage. For a list of items that may NOT be packed in your carry-on luggage, or cannot be taken on any aircraft – please see below.

For more information please click here.