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EU Liquids Regulations FAQ

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What do these new regulations mean?
When do these regulations come into effect?
Who is responsible for bringing in this regulation?
How long will this regulation remain in place?
Does this apply at all airports or just here?
Does this apply to internal / domestic flights also?



Liquids & Containers FAQ’s

Can I bring any liquids in my hand baggage with these new regulations?
What constitutes a liquid?
Are lipsticks, toothpaste and hair gel included as liquids?
Am I restricted to one bottle?
Can I carry as hand luggage any liquids or gels such as an unopened bottle of perfume/aftershave/liquid foundation which is in a bottle of 150ml capacity?
I bought a really expensive bottle of alcohol / perfume as a gift whilst on holiday in Ireland. Can I bring this through as hand luggage if it is unopened and still it its original wrapping?
My Aunt made me a big pot of jam to bring back to England. Can I bring this on board as I am afraid it may get broken in my case?
If a passenger has a one litre bottle or can of mineral that is sealed can he/she bring this through as hand luggage?
If the bottle is large but I have only 100ml in the bottle can I bring this with me?
Does it matter if the bottle/jar is plastic or glass?
If I refuse to hand over these liquids what will happen?

Transparent Bags

Can I bring more than one transparent plastic bag?
What colour has the transparent plastic bag to be?
Are children and infants allowed to carry on a transparent plastic bag?
If there are three of us travelling are we permitted one transparent plastic bag per person or one per group?
Will the airport provide a transparent plastic bag if I forget to bring one with me?
Can I bring my own transparent plastic bag from home?


Can I bring some bottles of baby food for infants as we are transferring onto another flight in the U.K.?


My doctor says that I cannot travel without my medication. Can I carry my medication in my hand luggage?
Can I bring medication that is not on prescription?
Can I take my contact lens solution?
I am on medication which means that I have to drink lots of water. What can I do?


Can I purchase toiletries after passenger screening?

Transferring Passengers

What about transferring passengers?

Checked in Bags

Are there any changes in relation to what I can bring in my checked in baggage?
If I forget to pack something in my checked in baggage and I have already checked in, Can I get my checked in bag back?
Can I go back to check in and just check in the bottles on their own?
Can I get back the goods you confiscate on my return?
If I have only hand baggage and no checked in baggage, do the same restrictions apply?