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Passengers with Reduced Mobility


Ireland West PRM Quality Standards Statement (Adobe PDF)

In accordance with the relevant legislation, Ireland West (Knock) Airport provides assistance to passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) free of charge. The type of assistance provided includes the provision of wheelchairs, help embarking and disembarking the aircraft and guidance through the airport for people who are independently mobile but might have visual impairments etc.

In order to be guaranteed assistance passengers should notify the air carrier or tour operator of their requirements 48 hours before the intended travel time. It is recommended that passengers give as much information about their requirements as possible at that stage. The air carrier or tour operator will pass on these details to the airports of arrival and departure (and transit if applicable). Passengers who wish to confirm that Ireland West (Knock) Airport is aware of their requirements can contact the Customer Services Team directly on +353 (0)94 93 68100.




special needs

The management body of Ireland West (Knock) Airport want to make travel through the Airport as easy as possible for passengers with reduced mobility. To this end we have numerous reduced mobility parking spaces available close to the Terminal building. There is also a gradual gradient walkway from the parking area to the Terminal. Drivers should ensure that their vehicles display the appropriate sticker to identify them as drivers with special needs.
There are toilet facilities throughout the Airport building for people with reduced mobility. All standard and disabled facilities are clearly indicated by directional and overhead signage.

Whilst the vast majority of Airport facilities are on the ground floor, the Sláinte Restaurant is located on the first floor. This can be accessed via a lift in the main concourse of the ground floor.

Recognised assistance dogs are welcome in the Terminal building. Regrettably other pets are not currently permitted there.
Ireland West Airport Knock continues to strive towards providing updated and improved facilities for passengers with reduced mobility. As a customer-service oriented organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.
Passengers with reduced mobility who wish to read the Regulation which gives rise to the right to assistance when travelling by air can do so by clicking here.