Airline Flight Time Origin Remarks
Ryanair FR6552 14:00 LIVERPOOL Landed 1503
Ryanair FR8142 14:30 LONDON LUTON Landed 1429
AlbaStar AP4116 14:30 JEREZ Landed 1425
Ryanair FR4151 15:35 BARCELONA GIRONA Expected At 1710
Ryanair FR2305 16:40 LANZAROTE Expected At 1630
Ryanair FR4109 16:50 ALICANTE Expected At 1630
Airline Flight Time Destination Remarks
Ryanair FR6551 14:25 LIVERPOOL Departed 1558
Ryanair FR8143 14:55 LONDON LUTON Departed 1521
Ryanair FR4152 16:00 BARCELONA GIRONA Check-In Closed
Ryanair FR2306 17:05 LANZAROTE Check-In Desk,4,5 , Go To Departure Lounge
Ryanair FR4110 17:15 ALICANTE Check-In Desk,4,5 , Go To Departure Lounge

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