Airline Flight Time Origin Remarks
Ryanair FR1742 07:50 EAST MIDLANDS
Ryanair FR805 08:30 LONDON STANSTED
Ryanair FR892 08:50 MANCHESTER
Aer Lingus EI915 12:35 LONDON LHR
Ryanair FR8142 13:15 LONDON LUTON
Ryanair FR807 13:25 LONDON STANSTED
Ryanair FR6552 14:20 LIVERPOOL
Ryanair FR3691 15:25 BIRMINGHAM
Airline Flight Time Destination Remarks
Ryanair FR1743 08:15 EAST MIDLANDS
Ryanair FR804 08:55 LONDON STANSTED
Ryanair FR893 09:15 MANCHESTER
Aer Lingus EI916 13:05 LONDON LHR
Ryanair FR806 13:50 LONDON STANSTED
Ryanair FR8143 14:00 LONDON LUTON
Ryanair FR6551 14:45 LIVERPOOL
Ryanair FR3692 15:50 BIRMINGHAM

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