One of the major goals of Ireland West Airport is to provide information and services which are fully accessible to all. This site conforms to the W3C/WAI's Web Content Accessibility Guide 2.0, Conformance Level AA.

We have taken the following steps to achieve this goal: 

Standards compliance 

1.    This site is built using HTML 4 Transitional. 
2.    The site uses valid CSS 3 for visual layout and styling. 
3.    The site conforms to the W3C’s WCAG guidelines Level I, and most of Level II. 
4.    The site uses structured semantic markup. For example, table markup is used for data tables, lists are marked up using lists elements, headings are marked up as headings and so on. 
5.    Data tables employ attributes associating data cells with their headers to allow them to be more easily understood by users of screen readers and other adaptive technology. 


1.    Most links include title attributes which give more information about the target of the link. 
2.    All links can be followed in any browser, even if scripting is turned off. 
3.    All links which open new windows include a warning in either the link text or the title attribute. 


1.    All content images on the site use descriptive ALT attributes. 
2.    Purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes. 

Visual design 

1.    All text is sized using relative sizes to allow it to be resized by users of any browser. 
2.    With the exception of purely visual elements such as maps, primary content is structured so as to be readable in any browser, regardless of whether it supports images, stylesheets, scripting or plugins.