Alicante - with Island hopping!

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Alicante - with Island hopping!


I decided to book an off-peak trip to Alicante since it started earlier this year, so booked the very first flight out from 6th-13th April. It was my first visit to Alicante and the weather was promised good.

I was also looking at visiting a nearby island to break the week up and decided to book an onward flight to Ibiza for a few days and return back to Alicante for the last two. This added an extra €25 each way to my booking, Vuelling airlines was the onward carrier. Though this blog is essentially about Alicante it is worth noting that onward trips are accessible and not too costly.  After spending a few days in Ibiza and Formentera I flew back to the sunshine of Alicante airport. A bus then into the town can be located outside the airport terminal and only cost €3.85 p.p. The bus drops you right into the town centre where my hotel was only 5 mins walking distance away. Booked a really cheap hotel but was disappointed with it so feel best left unnamed.  It probably is worth getting a hotel in the 3 star category at least. The hotels generally were very cheap but decided would live it up in Ibiza and go cheap then in Alicante.

Dining out was very inexpensive most Menus of the Day include at least 3 courses at a cost on average of €10 and the food was delicious. As a vegetarian there seemed to be alternatives available too which was great. I was recommended a particular veggie restaurant called Bodhi Green and went there for lunch but was booked out so had to book it for dinner, it did not disappoint! The menu was extensive and not expensive plus there was an english option too.

The main tourist attraction in Alicante seems to be the castle so this was first on my list.  The climb was about 30-40 mins a little longer than expected but it was very warm. This is a free attraction and plenty of opportunities in and around the castle to grab a drink or an ice-cream. However, it was so worth it, the 360 degree views are magical. The rooftop views, the mountains, the sea, you could really take a hundred pictures here and still not have enough.

There are so many paths up to the castle and we took a different one on the way down and was thrilled as we bumped into some architecturally fab looking buildings, narrow streets and unique cafes. The city is full of discovery.

Next it was time to hit the beach, this is less than a five minute walk from the city centre so very accessbible. The beach is family friendly with many hotels nearby too.  A few minutes walk further on from the beach and you are at the marine with countless boats. It’s a beautiful sight. All this and more is on our Instagram Alicante story, link below.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to go to San Juan which is a beach that many of the locals go to, this will definitely be on the list for next time. I think it's just a short bus journey away. 

The promenade at Alicante is the main focal point, in the morning we could see a stage set up with speakers demonstrating some exercises that seemed to be geared mainly towards the elderly. The street is full of cafes and bars and we coudln't resist stopping at an eco café to have a cup of fairtrade coffee. One could easily spend hours here and watch the world go by. Also on some sections of the street there are market sellers offering hats, t-shirts and many trinkets that you would imagine a tourist would like to acquire. Bargaining is an option here too. An Indiana Jones hat was purchased!

After this we went to a really cute street called Mushroom street, again in Alicante city centre. I think kids would love this street so much, it is so colourful with some kids playful amenities too.


We returned to Alicante airport from a pick-up at hotel for €22 as it was an early morning flight. We could have got the bus either but wasn’t sure what security would be like in the airport and if there would be large queues.  Luckily neither so we spent some time shopping before departure. The shops were good with a small section for local produce only. That is one thing that is great about Ireland West Airport, the shop at departures has so many local offerings and from different counties.

For the experience we went to a tapas bar called D’Tablas Alicante. It was so much fun. It’s not really about the food here but the pure antics and bell ringing. So you go and in and find a seat if you can, it was busy when we were there but luckily got a seat though later seen people waiting outside to get in. You order a “cane” a small beer at only .60c and while you are sitting down a waiter arrives every few minutes with a large tray of tapas. The waiter approaches every table and you just take what you like from the tray or wait until another tray comes around with an option you might like. They don’t leave the tray on the table you just pick up the tapas you want which is on a small wooden block. So essentially the more you eat the more blocks that are building up by your side. The tapas are prices at .90c each. It’s really funny cause when you go up to pay you are carrying the price of your food. The beers are marked on a small card at your table so you hand all this over to the cashier and you pay then. If you leave a tip the cashier rings a bell and everyone cheers. It’s a crazy place but loads of fun.

Ireland West Airport fly weekly to Alicante from April to October and twice weekly in June, July and August. Our flights were €63.98 pp return with Ryanair.

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