Liverpool - the perfect destination for a weekend break

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Liverpool - the perfect destination for a weekend break


Weekend break in Liverpool by Maria Dillon, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

We recently took a one night getaway to Liverpool. We would have loved to stay longer but due to work, school run commitments etc it wasn’t possible. However flying from Our local Ireland West Airport Knock it was easy for us to go across the Water for a one night stay.

I made a return to Snapchat for 24 hours on the Ireland West Airport Snapchat account. This was great fun and allowed Me to Snap the journey in real time. Make sure to follow the Airport if You are a Snapchat user.

Anyway We left Our home in Castlebar at 7am. We had parked, gone through security, done a little shopping and Were sitting enjoying morning coffee by 8.30am. Plenty time for Our 9.30am flight. I picked up a few bargains in shop West, they have some great deals on perfumes, cosmetic etc. You can also shop on departure and pick them up again once You arrive home. This is a super service and it’s Free for all passengers.

We were treated like VIPs in the executive lounge at the airport. A luxurious little haven away from the hustle and bustle of a busy departures lounge. We sat back and relaxed here enjoying morning papers, coffee, tea, among some other beverages. There was also delicious pastries and snacks available along with WiFi and portals to recharge phones, laptops etc. This was a lovely little treat that We really enjoyed while waiting to board.  Make sure to use the airport geotag for Your next trip! 
We boarded the aircraft and were up up and away in good time. The flight to Liverpool is under one hour so it’s a speedy service. Ideal for a city break or a a girly weekend. I can confirm the shopping is amazing Ladies. Well worth a quick trip with an empty suitcase. Flights are very reasonable at the moment and are even better value on weekdays.
On arrival in Liverpool there were no delays We flew through and hopped on a bus to the city center. To be honest I would recommend getting a taxi as the bus took ages. Definitely not what You want on a One night stay. So I won’t be doing that again. Taxi is much faster but if You have loads of time or on a budget the bus is only a couple of pounds.

We stayed at Heywood House Hotel it’s a great location just a few mins walk from The Albert Dock one one side and Liverpool one on the far side. Liverpool one is the main shopping area and it is fantastic. I had a couple of hours doing the shopping circuit first then We checked in and took a wander down through The Albert dock. There’s loads of places to eat drink and have the craic here. There’s a massive amount of Irish accents in Liverpool. Irish folks everywhere We went.
We had a wander around the docks and stopped at Smugglers cove for a drink. It was very busy with hens stags and Christmas parties in full swing. We moved onto panam bar and restaurant where We had drinks and ordered some food. Here We ran into Friends of Ours from Castlebar just by chance. It was quite funny actually goes to show there’s Mayo folks everywhere.
#Later on that night We went out for dinner to Argentinian restaurant CAU. It was Our first time to try CAU and it was delicious. Everything is cooked on a charcoal grill. It’s fairly simple food but the flavour is amazing. Think chicken skewers, steaks etc We also had a few cocktails and a bit of craic in the restaurant before heading back to Our hotel. It was a very bad night with rain, absolutely lashing down. We may have ventured a little further if it hadn’t been so wet.
Next morning was pretty straightforward. There was a taxi rank around the corner from the hotel We had no problem grabbing a cab and went straight to the airport. This cost about €20 so a little more than the bus but it’s a lot faster. We were there in 20 mins. Got through security with no delays and on Our 1.30pm flight in no time. We landed at Knock at 2.30pm and We were back in Castlebar just after 3pm

All in all it was a lovely trip and We will definitely return to Liverpool again soon. There’s loads to do there I really want to do The Beatles story tour next time. It’s a beautiful city with lovely Friendly people. I would highly recommend a trip there.

Thanks folks for reading and make sure to keep up with My adventures over on Instagram. I’m 'MrsDillonsDiary' over there. We have a few more trips planned for 2018 from Ireland West Airport.  Italy is next on our list as a place to visit.