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Ireland West Airport Signs Up To The “Toulouse Declaration” as part of Europe’s journey towards aviation’s net zero 2050 goal.


Ireland West Airport are pleased, to join airport colleagues from across Europe in signing up to the ‘Toulouse Declaration’ which marks a new chapter in Europe’s journey towards aviation’s net zero 2050 goal.
The ‘Toulouse Declaration’ marks the first time that European Governments, the European Commission, industry, unions and other key stakeholders formally align on aviation decarbonisation as the industry strives to establish an EU Pact for Aviation Decarbonisation.
Ireland West Airport are currently part of the Airport Councils International (ACI) Carbon Accreditation Programme which sets out a framework for airports to reduce and manage their carbon footprint. In 2019 the airport was awarded Eco Merit Certification which recognises that the airport is operating in an environmentally responsible manner with a continued focus on helping improve our environmental performance, reduce costs and manage risk. 

The airport is currently progressing a sustainability and environmental strategy over the next 5-year period and working towards completing the ACI carbon accreditation programme to create an environmental green airport programme reducing overall carbon emissions to achieve ‘net zero’ for its carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest. 

Joe Gilmore, Managing Director, Ireland West Airport said: “The airport is delighted to join airports across Europe in signing up to the "Toulouse Declaration’, focused on mapping out the steps towards a sustainable future for the aviation sector. Under this declaration, the airport is committed to working collectively to support aviation’s green transformation and achieve a ‘net zero’ position by 2050”

Olivier Jankovec, Director General of ACI EUROPE said: “Each and every airport undersigning this Declaration is making a tangible difference to our future as an industry, as an economy and as a society. They continue to demonstrate ambition, vision and excellence in their sustainable actions. I admire and applaud each and every one of them”.