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Statement on Behalf of the Board of Ireland West Airport Knock

Re: Clarification re US Traffic

Ireland West Airport Knock would like to state that its current priorities are to create medium and long haul passenger flight services, including transatlantic services, for people in the region and for tourists from the United States. This, together with getting much needed capital funding to support the Airport’s undoubted ability to expand are its top and current priorities.

The Airport board has made no decision to seek or commence services for US military aircraft. Any such decision would only be taken in the light of the views of all Board members.

The comments made to a number of media by the recently appointed board member, Mr. Ulick McEvaddy in relation to the possibility of the Airport pursuing US military traffic, were his personal opinions. No such proposal has been brought to the Airport’s board, and the subject has not been considered to date. It is widely acknowledged that Mr. McEvaddy is well known and respected within the aviation business worldwide, and this includes the US aviation and military business. Such a wealth of experience will be of tremendous value to the Airport in its future development. If at some point in the future, the possibility of US military business arises, then Mr. McEvaddy’s views, together with those of all other members, will be taken into consideration and as always we will proceed on a consensus basis.