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New EU Security Regulations

What do these new regulations mean?
These new regulations mean that the amount of liquids you can carry in hand baggage will be severely restricted.
When do these regulations come into effect?
On Monday 6th November at 0100 hours.
Why did Ireland West Airport Knock decide to bring in this regulation which is only making life difficult for everyone?
This regulation is a European regulation and we are bound to adhere to it on the basis that we are part of the EU. Once an EU regulation is enacted, we are duty bound to comply with its requirements.
How long will this regulation remain in place?
It will remain in place until further notice.
Does this apply at all airports or just here?
Yes. This is an EU Regulation which applies equally across all airports within all member states.
Does this apply to internal / domestic flights also?
Yes. This applies to all internal flights e.g. Ireland West Airport to Dublin route.
Liquids & Containers
Can I bring any liquids in my hand baggage with these new regulations?
Yes you can bring liquids provided the container they are in is less than 100ml in capacity and these are displayed in a clear transparent plastic bag of capacity less than 1 litre.
What constitutes a liquid?
A liquid includes: Water and other drinks, soups, syrups Creams, lotions and oils Perfumes, Sprays Gels, including hair and shower gels Contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants Pastes, including toothpaste Liquid-solid mixtures Mascara Any other item of similar consistency
Are lipsticks, toothpaste and hair gel included as liquids?
Yes these items are included
Am I restricted to one bottle?
No. You can bring as many bottles of this size as you wish provided they all fit in the transparent plastic bag.
What about my new perfume which is in a bottle of 150ml capacity
This can be packed in your checked in baggage if you have not already checked in. Alternatively you can return it to your car or give it to your friends or relations who are not traveling. Otherwise we will confiscate the item and we cannot return it to you.
I bought a really expensive bottle of Irish whisky as a present for my elderly uncle in the UK. Can I bring this through?
No. This item should be carefully wrapped and packed in your checked-in baggage at your own risk.
My Aunt made me a big pot of jam to bring back to England. Can I bring this on board as I am afraid it may get broken in my case?
No. If it is in a jar that is greater than 100ml capacity, it will not be permitted through passenger screening. Always remember to pack this type of item carefully in your checked in baggage. This item will be carried at the owners risk.
If my child has a one litre bottle of coke, that is sealed can he bring this through?
No. This type of item must be checked in, returned to your car/family or it will be confiscated.
If the bottle is large but I have only 100ml in the bottle can I bring this with me?
No. It is the capacity of the bottle that is restricted, not the quantity carried there in.
Does it matter if the bottle is plastic or glass?
No this does not matter. It is the capacity of the bottle that is important.
If I refuse to hand over these liquids what will happen?
In this situation you will be refused permission to travel unless you check in the liquids with your bags, leave them behind or allow us to confiscate them.
Transparent Bags
Can I bring more than one transparent plastic bag?
No, you are restricted to one transparent plastic bag per passenger.
What colour has the transparent plastic bag to be?
The transparent plastic bag can be any colour providing it is see through.
Are children and infants allowed to carry on a transparent plastic bag?
Children from the age of 2+ are allowed to carry one transparent plastic bag. Infants are not allowed carry any.
If there are three of us traveling are we permitted one transparent plastic bag per person or one per group.
Each person is allowed to carry one transparent plastic bag and must take responsibility for all items in this bag.
Will the airport provide a transparent plastic bag if I forget to bring one with me?
Yes the airport will provide bags if required.
Can I bring my own transparent plastic bag from home?
Yes, we strongly encourage you to do so. The bag must be transparent, re-sealable and of a capacity not exceeding one litre. These bags are available at most local supermarkets.
What about the baby? Can I bring a few bottles for him as we are transferring onto another flight in the U.K.
Yes you are permitted to bring baby food in larger containers. However on a random basis we will select passengers who will have to taste the food to prove it is genuine.
What about medication? My doctor says that I cannot travel without my medication?
Yes you will be permitted to bring your medication with you through passenger screening provided you have a doctors letter.
Can I bring medication that is not on prescription?
In general you should check in this type of medication with your checked in baggage. However if it is necessary for the flight you will be permitted to bring it provided an excessive amount is not being carried.
Can I take my contact lens solution?
Contact lens solution should be packed into checked in luggage. If you must carry lens solution in your hand luggage it should be in a container, not more than 100mls and presented in a one litre transparent bag at the passenger security screening point.
I am on medication which means that I have to drink lots of water. What can I do?
You can purchase water in the shops after passenger screening or on board the aircraft. Unfortunately water would not be considered as medication and you could not bring it through passenger screening.
I Can I purchase toiletries after passenger screening?
Yes. A range of toiletries are available for purchase. These products will be packed and sealed for you in a tamper-evident bag as necessary by the shop personnel.
Transferring Passengers
What about transferring passengers?
If the first flight begins at an airport in the EU and items have been purchased beyond the passenger security points, these liquids will be placed in tamper evident bags. Passengers can take these liquids on-board their second flight, as long as the items are still packed in tamper-evident bags. If the first flight originates in a country outside the EU the items will not conform to the new regulations, as they will not have been placed in tamper evident bags. Transferring passengers will then be subject to these new EU security regulations when they transfer through an EU airport.
Checked in Bags
Are there any changes in relation to what I can bring in my checked in baggage?
No. There are no changes in relation to items contained within checked in baggage. Please check with your airline in relation to weights and prohibited items.
If I forget to pack something in my checked in baggage and I have already checked in, Can I get my checked in bag back?
No. Unfortunately once your bag is checked in, it cannot be retrieved until you reach your destination airport.
Can I go back to check in and just check in the bottles on their own?
No. Once you have checked in, you will not be permitted to check in an additional bag? The exception to this are Ryanair passengers who will be permitted to check in an additional bag but extra charges will apply.
Can I get back the goods you confiscate on my return?
No unfortunately the logistics would be too great for the numbers of passengers traveling.
If I have only hand baggage and no checked in baggage, do the same restrictions apply?
Yes, the restriction applies to all hand luggage being carried through passenger screening
Who can I write to, to complain about these regulations?
Please write directly to the Department of Transport, Aviation Security Division, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.