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Passenger Travel Information

Ireland West Airport Knock advises passengers travelling from the airport this week that security arrangements remain largely unchanged for passengers departing from Ireland to the UK and Europe. The airport requests however, that passengers limit their carry-on hand luggage to one small bag per passenger. In addition, passengers should note that they will be requested to remove footwear for x-ray at the security screening point.
Passengers travelling onwards from Dublin or UK airports to the US will have restrictions place on hand luggage and contents. Please contact the airline concerned for further details.
Passengers travelling OUT of UK
Rules governing the hand luggage allowance of passengers travelling out of UK airports have been relaxed. The new rules have already come into effect at most UK airports, but there are some exceptions as follows:- Stansted Airport will introduce the new regulations from midday today (August 14). At Heathrow and Gatwick the new regulations will come into effect from 4.30am on Tuesday August 15 (until then passengers are limited to taking a clear plastic bag containing only basic essentials, i.e. no books, magazines, electrical items, food etc.). The new regulations over hand baggage allowance are as follows: Each passengers is allowed a single laptop-sized bag (45cm x 35cm x 16cm)
The bag may contain:
Electrical items such as mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras and MP3 players Prescription medicines Baby milk and liquid baby food Solid food Books Magazines Car keys and fobs Wallets and cash Items that may not be included are: Any liquids (other than those stated above), including make-up, toiletries, drinks and aerosols Cigarette lighters The banned items may be purchased once passengers have passed through security and carried as hand luggage, with the exception of passengers flying to the US, who cannot take any liquids onboard.
easyJet passenger Travel Information
To minimise the possibility of delays and cancellations, easyJet is strongly advising its passengers to pack all their items into ONE PIECE OF LUGGAGE.
In addition, passengers are still advised to check in as early as possible – easyJet check-in desks are opening three hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight, and will close promptly 40 minutes prior.
bmibaby passenger Travel Information
Airline bmibaby wishes to advise that passengers on flights leaving from the Republic of Ireland are NOT subject to the increased security measures that currently apply to UK departures, i.e. the removal of passenger hand baggage unless the Department for Transport in Ireland have ruled otherwise. The airline’s increased security measures are applied to UK departures ONLY.
Please note that additional security measures remain in place for all bmibaby flights. Passengers should allow plenty of extra time for their journey to the airport, and check in as normal. In order to minimise delays bmibaby will be closing its check-in desks 45 minutes prior to each flight’s scheduled departure time. This is to ensure that all passengers have ample time to complete the enhanced security process.
Each passenger is permitted to carry ONE item of cabin baggage through the airport security search point. The dimensions of this item must not exceed: a maximum length of 45 cm, width of 35 cm and depth of 16 cm (17.7"×13.7"×6.2" approx) (including wheels, handles, side pockets etc). Other bags, such as handbags, may be carried within the single item of cabin baggage. All items carried by passengers will be x-ray screened.
Ryanair Passenger Travel Information
Airline Ryanair are strongly recommend to all passengers that in order to reduce the strain on the airport baggage systems that ONE ITEM OF CHECKED LUGGAGE per person is carried, this will help to minimise delays at airports. Also, passengers should check in no later than 2 hours prior to their scheduled flight departure, to allow sufficient time to check in and to clear security. Flights cannot wait for passengers delayed at security points. Revised Hand Baggage Restrictions (14th August 2006) - Flights Departing from the UK Each passenger is permitted to carry ONE item of cabin baggage through the airport security point. The dimensions of this bag must not exceed a maximum length of 45cm, width of 35cm and depth of 16cm (including wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.) All items carried by passengers will be x-ray screened. N.B. Please note these dimensions are smaller than Ryanair’s published hand baggage dimensions.