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Mayo County Council Launches Bank Holiday Road Safety Campaign

Mayo County Council Launches Bank Holiday Road Safety Campaign
The road safety office of Mayo County Council will launch a road safety campaign targeting tourists from tomorrow (May 27th)  with a view to enhancing their awareness of road safety and enlightening them on the importance of complying with the rules of the road.
During the campaign, road safety leaflets will be available to customers using Ireland West Airport knock through all car hire companies. The information leaflets will inform the customers of the dangers of driver fatigue and other road safety issues.
New research released by the Road Safety Authority shows that over 1 in 10 drivers (14%) have admitted to nodding off or falling asleep while driving. The new findings re-enforces international research which suggests that driver fatigue could be a contributory factor in 1 in 5 driver deaths in Ireland. Therefore, this silent killer may have claimed more than 350 road deaths in the past 5 years.
Road Safety Officer Mr Noel Gibbons said  "Falling asleep at the wheel is something which could happen to any driver, of any age on any journey so we want   this campaign to ensure that more motorists are made aware of the tragic road accidents that fatigue can cause and are asking them to be well rested before taking to the road,"
“We want to encourage people to get into the habit of pulling over if they are starting to get tired while driving. A short stop, a stretch of the legs, and a cup of tea or coffee, can revive a driver and could be the difference between life and death,” said Noel Gibbons, Road Safety Officer of Mayo County Council.