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Ireland West Airport Knock hosts the world famous ‘Jackie Clarke’ collection

Ireland West Airport Knock are delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Jackie Clarke’ panel exhibition which will be on display at various locations throughout the Airport from
July 2009. 

The Jackie Clarke Library and Archive contains over 100,000 items including many unique documents that scholars had believed to be lost - sole surviving copies of
publications, rare handbills and proclamations, unpublished manuscripts and political writings.  The sheer range of this collection is breathtaking. It was put together during the lifetime of
one man, Jackie Clarke, (1927-2000). Spanning nearly 400 years of Irish history, its earliest documents date from the early 1600s, its final documents were collected by
Jackie Clarke in 2000, the year of his death.  The panels tell the story of the discovery of this unique library and archive with images from the collection and descriptions of the contents.

The collection was officially launched by Mrs Anne Clarke, widow of the late Jackie Clarke and her son Cllr Peter Clarke on Thursday 2nd July 2009 at Ireland West Knock.

Commenting on the launch of this exhibition, Sinead McCoole, from the Jackie Clarke Library And Archive, Ballina said ’Mayo County Council in association with the Jackie Clarke Library
is delighted to bring to the public a panel exhibition which shows images of the items in the collection and the story of how it was discovered in association with the airport. This
exhibition will show in images what the public can see in reality in Ballina in September.It is the first time the airport’s new terminal will be used as an exhibition space, using the walls of the airport to tell this exciting story. It is fitting that the first public event relating to the Jackie Clarke Library and Archive, Ballina, is being hosted by the airport, which is held in trust for the people of the West of Ireland; as this magnificent collection has been so generously given to the people of this region by Mrs Anne Clarke in fulfilment of her late husband’s wishes’

The Jackie Clarke Library and Archives, is now under stewardship of Mayo County Council and this exhibition is the first step in making its treasures available to all.
Commenting on the launch, Donal Healy, Marketing Executive, Ireland West Airport Knock said ‘Ireland West Airport are delighted to be chosen as the venue to showcase images from this world famous collection.  This is one of the most important Irish collections in the world. The Airport are delighted to showcase this unique and priceless collection to the thousands of passengers travelling through the airport from places in the UK such as Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, the East Midlands and London as well as to passengers travelling through the airport from the West, North West and Midlands regions of Ireland.  This also marks a significant milestone in the history of the airport as the launch coincides with the recent opening of the brand new terminal at Ireland West Knock.  We hope people travelling through the airport will appreciate and enjoy this wonderful collection’.

As a result of this exhibition the story of this discovery will find a new audience, informing the 100,000+ passengers who will pass through the airport in July and August, spreading the great news of this wonderful treasure. This exhibition sees the first stage of the project complete, with the listing of this immense archive, which has been ongoing for four years and has revealed that it contains over 100,000 items spanning over 400 years of Irish history.

The exhibition itself will be in the airport during July and August 2009. If you are arriving or departing into Ireland West Airport Knock you will be able to enjoy this wonderful collection.
 The artefacts itself will be on show for a limited time only - in Ballina in the month of September 2009 see: for further information