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Skys the limit as 'flight diversions’ to be reduced significantly as long awaited CAT II Instrument Landing system now operational at Ireland West Airport Knock!

Investment of €3.6 million undertaken to complete two major projects

Ireland West Airport Knock is delighted to announce the implementation of CAT II ILS (Instrument Landing System) and major upgrade of Runway 27 at Ireland West Airport Knock.
The major benefit of CAT II ILS implementation will be to enhance the precision of aircraft approaches which will reduce the possibility of diversions caused by poor weather and low visibility conditions.  The CAT II ILS implementation is a major boost to the Airport’s daily operations as the reliability of services in and out of Ireland West Airport Knock has been greatly improved particularly during the winter months where in the past, flights risked being diverted to other Irish Airports due to problems with visibility. With the upgrade of the Instrument Landing System, technically advanced equipment is now in place to aid aircraft in poor visibility weather conditions meaning flights are able to land in Ireland West Airport Knock in conditions they were unable to before.  In addition to the new CAT II ILS implementation work has also been completed on a major upgrade to the runway at Ireland West Airport Knock by extending the existing runway end safety area and increasing the aircraft turning circle for Runway 27.  Both projects had a combined investment of €3.6 million and are significant developments as Ireland West Airport Knock increases the quality of service it offers to passengers
Commenting on the key benefits that CAT II ILS will bring to the Airport, Joe Gilmore, Managing Director, Ireland West Airport Knock said: “It is no secret that some inbound flights have on occasion been diverted to other Irish international Airports because of poor visibility, however with this new and improved system in place this will be significantly reduced. This is very good news for the Airport but especially for passengers who are inconvenienced by diversions and it will also encourage other airlines to operate from the Airport with such an advanced system in place.  I am delighted also to confirm that the CAT II ILS system has been operational since April this year and to date no flights have been diverted as a result of bad weather which is great news.  This new system will greatly aid the Airport in its plan to add new services to the UK and Europe for the People of the West, North West and Midlands regions of Ireland”