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New Carry On Baggage policy on Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus Regional flights

Commencing Monday 13th August, new cabin baggage allowances come into effect across all Aer Lingus short-haul and transatlantic routes. The new allowance is a standard single piece of cabin baggage with the permissible cabin baggage size being increased.

All items, including airport shopping purchases, must fit inside the permitted cabin bag. In addition, a small ladies handbag or gents satchel, within a specific size, may also be carried but must be placed under the seat in front.  This new baggage policy will apply on flights from all airports Aer LIngus and Aer Lingus Regional operate from and the policy will be applicable on flights to London Gatwick with Aer Lingus and flights to Birmingham with Aer Lingus Regional from Ireland West Airport Knock.

An enhanced allowance is available to Gold Circle, Business Class and Flex Fare customers who may take an additional small piece, such as a slimline laptop bag onboard.
For Aer Lingus Regional, the standard allowance dimensions have been slightly reduced to allow stowage on the different versions of the ATR fleet.  Aer Lingus Regional size limits are 48cm x 33cm x 20cm.  Your carry-on must fit inside the gauge units at the airport (including wheels and handles).Weight limit of 10kgs applies for flights to London Gatwick with Aer Lingus and 7kgs for Aer Lingus Regional flights to Birmingham from Ireland West Airport Knock.  Bags exceeding the above allowances must be checked-in and the relevant bag fee will apply.

The new allowance follows a recent review by Aer Lingus, involving customer and staff input, to reduce delays and frustration caused by cabin baggage issues during boarding.
Customers are being informed via email and a video on will offer user-friendly advice on how customers can stay within the new guidelines. New cabin baggage size gauges have been installed at all airports across the Aer Lingus network to support the implementation of the new allowance.

Passengers are advised that restrictions on Carry On Baggage allowances are imposed by the airlines and airports are contractually required by the airlines to enforce the above cabin baggage size and weight limits at the airport prior to departure.