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Ireland West Airport Knock focused on the development of 10 year growth plan for the benefit of the Galway region

Ireland West Airport Knock met with Galway Council yesterday to update on recent developments and to outline a 10 year growth plan for the airport and to seek in principle from Galway County Council for an investment with 6 other Local Authorities into the airport to deliver on this plan.

During the presentation the airport outlined they expected to carry 700,000 passengers in 2014, but with the help of Galway County Council, Galway City Council, Mayo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo and Donegal County Councils, could grow this figure to 1.25 million passengers by 2023. Currently the airport is making a significant contribution to the Galway region, delivering in the region of 100,000 annual visitors to Galway, contributing 200,000 annual bed nights, generating an annual spend in the Galway region of circa €37m annually. With support from the seven local authorities the airport outlined that it expects to significantly expand the airports network, resulting in a doubling of the visitor numbers to Galway delivering a significant increase in annual bed nights whilst generating an increased spend in the Galway region of over €75m annually.

In relation to the future of Galway Airport.

Ireland West Airport Knock wishes to clarify that whilst the airport are supportive of any initiatives that boost tourism for the West of Ireland and wishes Galway Airport well, the airports focus is on the future growth of aviation services at Ireland West Airport Knock only and in particular what these currently and in the future will contribute to the Galway region in terms of tourism, employment, bed nights and economic development. Any business matters relating to the future of other airports in the region are not within Ireland West Airport Knocks remit or part of any future development plans.